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Patrick ROBERT, Product marketing & operational marketing manager, La Rochelle (France)

After having lived 1 year and a half in Great Britain, I joined the group in 1992. During those 22 years spent in the group, I’ve held different positions that enabled me to build a strong experience: IT project management, consultant in charge of the training of the clients, development manager. Nowadays, I hold the post of product marketing and operational marketing manager.

Today, my rich professional path enables me to make the connection with the different teams. My main duties? I’m in charge of the development of interfaces between our clients’ systems and the manufacturers’ systems. I am the main spokesperson for the questions related to the manufacturers’ systems.

I also lead the User Clubs, which requires a good communication ability and calls up real listening skills. I sincerely think that we must be able to listen to our clients to best meet their requirements. The knowledge of the products I’ve acquired enables me to best take into consideration the users’ expectations.

If I had to choose 3 words to brand IRIUM, I would probably say EXPERIENCE, QUALITY and INNOVATION.

08 novembre 2013

Catégorie : Témoignages RH

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