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Xavier GRATECAP, IRIUM Deutschland Manager and Consultant, Düsseldorf (Germany)

In 1998, I joined IRIUM as a consultant in Germany, and in 2008 I became the person in charge of the German subsidiary of the IRIUM Group, IRIUM Deutschland.

My job consists in supervising the establishment of the IRIUM™ products in our clients’ premises and organising missions of consulting and remote maintenance.

I also get involved in helping the commercial department, especially worldwide. Indeed, the German subsidiary doesn’t only cover Germany: I’m also present for clients in Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and so on. I am also required to travel further, for example in South Africa.

To do this job, it is essential to have good management knowledge. Knowing the products includes two different aspects: the commercial aspect and the accounting aspect. As a consultant, I also have interpersonal skills in order to answer the questions of the clients and get used to their demands. Since it is different from a commercial approach, I really like the interpersonal facet of my job. The relation established between the clients and I doesn’t involve money : I’m just there to find a solution.


As I see it, IRIUM is a SME in a very positive sense : we are not a small company seeing that we operate internationally, but at the same time we are not too big which enables us to keep a real CONVIVIALITY. A client once said to me that IRIUM combines a German rigour and quality with a sense of flexibility and an evolution ability that are typically French.

26 mai 2014

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