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Anthony SUDRE, Consultant iCRM™ / i80™, La Rochelle (France)

IRIUM gave me the opportunity to work in a work/study training program during my Master’s degree (speciality management control). Right after this successful experience, I joined the group in 2011 as a consultant.

My position consists in analysing and auditing the existing systems of our clients (organisation of the company, business process and IT system). In parallel, I contribute to the configuration of the products for our clients, realise some functional tests, write documentations and medias for the training courses I present, create management, accounting & control dashboards, etc…

Since I’m frequently travelling in France or abroad and working alone, I must be autonomous. Being comfortable with numbers is also quite necessary, but I think the most important thing is to be responsive to the needs of the clients. In fact, the contact with them is what I like the most in my job. The diversity of the interlocutors and the plurality of the profiles is also an aspect of my position I really like.

As we are in a niche market, we clearly can talk about EXPERTISE for IRIUM. And in my opinion, the group is synonymous with INNOVATION and GOOD ATMOSPHERE.

22 février 2014

N°1 Européen des ERP pour les Distributeurs, Loueurs et Réparateurs de Matériels

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