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Stéphanie LEMUT, Service representative and Trainer, La Rochelle (France)

On account of my career in the accounting departments of some big companies, IRIUM recruited me in 2012. Therefore, I’m in charge of supporting our clients when they encounter a difficulty linked to the accounting aspect of their software. At the same time, I take charge of the training of our users in order to make them master their software. Over time, I’ve realised that the problems our clients call for are not bugs : those problems are manipulation mistakes; this is why my job of trainer is very important.

Having a good knowledge of the accounting job is very essential to me because, as for every trade, we’re required to master a specific business vocabulary. You also have to be resourceful and curious so as to find an answer to our clients’ questions.

The customer relationship is a very nice facet of my job. I like to be able to answer the questions of the clients and solve their problems as fast as possible. Moreover, the constant evolution of our software makes me permanently learn new things.

In my opinion, IRIUM is an INNOVATIVE group which is CLOSE TO ITS CLIENTS.

17 mai 2014

Catégorie : Témoignages RH

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