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PEIFFER (Germany)

Just click to get the information you need! Specialist dealer modernises its EDP – New ERP system successfully introduced

‘All information is available at the push of a button,’ explains Erik Peiffer. Just a few clicks later, the machinery data he was looking for is listed in detail on the screen on the shop counter. The 38-year-old can also access the associated client data in next to no time. All it takes is another click on the window shown on the screen.


Erik Peiffer beams a smile of satisfaction: ‘The new DMS system is running like a dream and is intuitive to use, which means our employees are comfortable with it too.’

All change in March

The specialist company Peiffer Landmaschinen has been successfully using Irium’s i80 Dealer Management System (DMS) since March this year. Based in 

Grevenbroich near Neuss, Peiffer employs 30 people and is a sales partner for Deutz-Fahr tractors and Claas harvesting technology. As well as having a modern servicing workshop, it has also been running a specialist market for gardening technology for over 30 years. 

Erik Peiffer represents the third generation of this family business, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. He has been taking care of business at the company, with its rich history, alongside his father, Walter Peiffer, since 2004. Prior to this he worked for four years as a project manager for software provider Irium. 

Morel from Irium Deutschland, which organises sales, installation, and support for clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland from Meerbusch.

DMS adapts to suit operations 

As Sales Manager, Morel heads an experienced team of nine, including four project managers, ‘who have an excellent grasp of how the work processes involved in the agricultural and construction machinery business actually work.’ Morel points out that, ultimately, ERP software needs to be adapted so it precisely matches the specific requirements of the business in question. ‘Our project managers fully involve the clients in the implementation process from an early stage. It is important we take on board the client’s wishes and suggestions and incorporate these into the implementation process.’ 

It took around two days to adjust the program and the parameters in line with the business-specific requirements at Peiffer’s premises. The ‘parameterisation’ work was performed without interrupting operations. ‘Even the data transfer from the existing business software was simple enough,’ recalls Erik Peiffer, who had been using Irium’s Iv4 business software at his business from as long ago as 2005. As Morel explains: ‘The i80 DMS system is similar to the previous software, so users can get to grips with it quickly. It does, however, offer many new functions and solutions, which are far more beneficial to the user.’ 

‘Everything worked like a dream,’ enthuses Erik Peiffer, who was Irium’s first German client to switch to the new i80 business software. He has since enjoyed the benefits of the new DMS solution on a daily basis. 

Saving businesses time

His employees are just as enthusiastic about the software’s easily accessible and intuitive user interface. ‘The new version features many more display options, and these are also more user-friendly.’ In view of this, Peiffer also replaced the 17” monitors at all 16 PC workstations with bigger ones. Now employees, who received four half days’ training in total, can access all information from any work step.

Data exchange between the various departments, like spare parts sales, the workshop, and machinery sales, takes place in real time. This saves employees a lot of time, since information like quotes, invoices, or client data is available at the push of a button and does not require laborious searches. Erik Peiffer only needs a few clicks on his mouse to load the full history for a client or device to his screen. ‘It is easy for me to find out precisely when the client was here last and exactly what we repaired or fitted on his tractor.’ Unlike the previous software, i80 now also features connection to standard programs. ‘The employees really appreciate how you can now export any table layout in i80 to an Excel file at the push of a button.’ As well as being more transparent and efficient, i80 also delivers real stability. Irium has optimised the new software for Linux servers, as was the case with the previous iV4 solution, as Pierrick Guivarc’h, Chairman of the Irium Group, explains. ‘Another big advantage with the i80 ERP solution is the powerful relational database from IBM.’ It links the modules for the various areas of the business, such as sales and trade-ins of machinery, the workshop and customer service department, and purchasing and inventory control, via a direct connection to the accounts department. There are also several interfaces with various manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery, gardening equipment, and other forms of technology. 

Lower purchasing costs 

Peiffer can also fully exploit the potential benefits of the new DMS solution in terms of its purchasing. As Peiffer explains: ‘The advantages of the database really come into play when generating order suggestions for the spare parts store.’ It helps the specialist dealer manage its stock better and order the right volumes at the right times. Various adjustable procurement rules help it predict demand accurately and without manual effort. ‘This means we are left with few surpluses and can use supplier conditions more effectively.’ The qualified mechanical engineer’s wish list for the new DMS also included improved mobile user access. ‘Now I can also call up and enter order suggestions for the spare parts store.’ It helps the specialist 

dealer manage its stock better and order the right volumes at the right times. Various adjustable procurement rules help it predict demand accurately and without manual effort. ‘This means we are left with few surpluses and can use supplier conditions more effectively.’ The qualified mechanical engineer’s wish list for the new DMS also included improved mobile user access. ‘Now I can also call up and enter 2012,’ explains Pierrick Guivarc’h – additional features, eagerly awaited by Erik Peiffer. The young Deutz-Fahr dealer uses the Apple tablet as a modern sales tool on a daily basis. He can now of course use the business app which Same Deutz-Fahr makes available to its sales partners. It enables the specialist dealer to show his clients product information in the form of images, videos, and documents with data on the spot and prepare a detailed quote for them using the tractor configurator.

Further features planned

Having used the new DMS solution for more than half a year, Peiffer is very happy with it and praises its benefits compared with the old software. ‘The program simplifies and shortens the work processes within our business.’ Peiffer is expecting i80 to improve efficiency further through electronic time recording, which he wants to introduce to his business next year. 

Modern and functional 

Powerful software with wide range of benefits 

i80 is an ERP system for providing a quick overview of business processes and should therefore favour well- informed decisions. It is specifically tailored to the sale and repair of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, handling equipment, and heavy goods vehicles. i80 has a modular design; adjustable modules cover all the functions needed for optimal management within a business. Given its wide range of functions, Irium particularly recommends the i80 DMS system for businesses operating at a national and international level involving several companies, sites, warehouses, languages, and currencies. The underlying relational database makes it possible to centralise information, which can be exchanged between the various units. i80 also features a number of manufacturer interfaces to facilitate data exchange with, leading brands. 

A comprehensive range 

Special EDP solutions for the sector 

The Irium Group describes itself as a leading European ERP provider for those involved in selling or leasing machinery or providing customer service in this area. The software provider was founded in 1982 in La Rochelle in France; it now employs 100 people and has a turnover of €11 million, 70% of which is generated in France. Irium claims to have more than 15,000 users at 700 clients in 50 countries and boasts 30 years’ expertise in the agricultural and construction machinery sectors, in handling equipment, materials-handling and industrial vehicles, and the management of spare parts and special equipment. The wide range of sector-specific solutions includes ERP systems (i10, i30, i40, i80) for businesses of all sizes; from smaller outfits and SMEs right through to large businesses, with one or more sites, whether operating at a national or international level. Additional modules include iCRM for customer relationship management, iMOB to support installation personnel in the field, and iWEB for e-commerce. 

Irium has a mission to offer its clients a comprehensive range of solutions, even on a ‘turnkey’ basis, from software installation and settings right though to product training for users. Apart from France, Irium also has a presence in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and has a sales partner in the USA. Irium Deutschland GmbH is based in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf. Some 40 clients and 1000 users in Germany and neighbouring countries are currently looked after from this site.


IRIUM thanks PEIFFER for its confidence.



19 novembre 2012

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