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Digitalize the checking process of departures and returns of rented equipment!

iMOB™ Check is the brand new IRIUM mobile application, which enables rental companies to create their checking lists of rented equipment on a tablet, in online or offline mode.

No more paper checking lists !

The user can fill out a form (completely adaptable to the company’s equipment and/or habits) and at the same time see the information about the contract, and the characteristics of the rented equipments.

Concerning the return checking lists, it is possible to create them using the intital departure checking list, in order to be more efficient.

All the information  (forms, photos of the equipment with a date and a place, client’s signature…),is  automaticaly sent to the IRIUM ERP (no re-entries are necessary) and stored with the other documents of the contract.

Thanks to this application, the rental company can quickly and efficiently create the ckecking lists of its rented equipment. It will be more productive, have less disputes, improve its client relation and will have a modern and reactive image.

25 mai 2016

Catégorie : Presse

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