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Irium - A digitization module for dealers and rental companies

Irium is launching a new digitization module: purchasing invoices, order and delivery slips, equipment follow-ups...

The tool is designed for construction equipment rental and distribution companies. Integrated to the brand's software, it transforms any paper document into a digital file. The document is scanned and automatically filed in the right file thanks to the digitalization module. For example, the purchasing invoice of a specific dealer will be filed in the electronic file of this dealer. A link to the digitalized file appears on the customer, supplier, or equipment file. The information in the digitalized purchasing invoice is automatically integrated in the company's accounting. Through the Irium Workflow module system, the manager is informed of the arival of invoices that need to be validated. These invoices can be accessed from any mobile terminal connected to the Internet. What profesional advantages can this bring to a company? This means an improvement of administrative efficiency and more generally, more productivity.

10 juillet 2015

Catégorie : Presse

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