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A European leader

IRIUM has turned into an essential player on the management software market for the agricultural & construction equipment. Its growth is based on its export sales.

Ten years after its establishment, IRIUM was already offering its management software dedicated to the heavy equipment rental, distribution and repair companies. Its programs include the special features of the agricultural & public works equipment, big machines practically made to measure and whose maintenance can be complex.

“Some machines must work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” tells Pierrick GUIVARC’H who has taken the company over in 2007 and carried on its international development. Established by an IT engineer and an agricultural machinery dealer in 1982, the medium-sized company, based in Les Minimes (La Rochelle, FRANCE), is nowadays a European leader on its market. As everyone knows, the crisis tends to reduce the European economic growth; European companies thus have to base their growth on exporting.

30% of the turnover achieved thanks to exportation

In 2012, 30% of the turnover (€11 million) came from the international sales, which was twice as high as the turnover achieved 6 years ago. The IRIUM clients are spread across 50 countries, just like its 100 employees. “In Western Europe, we try to gain market shares” explains Pierrick GUIVARC’H. “We depend on the economic health of those sectors: the construction industry and the agricultural sector. Therefore, the dynamics mostly come from the emerging countries.”

Designing products suited to the country

Brazil, 4th largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, is, for example, one of our targets. But the obstacles overcame by the company since its early ages fully exceed the language barriers. “In each country, we have to ‘localise’ the product, in other words to adapt our solutions to the regional market reality. Our products enable our clients to manage their stocks, the spare parts, the maintenance of the machines, the sales and so on, but the tax law, payment methods, necessary documents, customs rules, local habits…are really different according to the place you are. It’s even more complex when we are out of the Eurozone”. IRIUM then practically designs new software for the market of each country it manages to penetrate, with a great advantage: “We have a few competitors that are specialised like us. They are usually established in well-delimited areas” adds the director, keeping in mind the good things. “Most of our competitors are non-specialised software vendors”, but they are much bigger than the small company based in La Rochelle, such as…Microsoft!

24 janvier 2013

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