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2.0.0 iCRM™ - New version

iCRM™, the sales support tool for your sales teams evolves. In its “Select” version, designed for sales supervisors, you will be able, for example, to view the actions and the schedules of all the sales representatives on one screen, and also to create tasks targeting a population of clients/prospects very well defined and associated with a group of chosen sales representatives. In this way, you will boost your marketing actions. Other improvements enrich the functionalities of Express, Classic and Select versions: task assignment between sales representatives, counting the number of proposals regarding the equipment in stock, calculation of clients' GPS coordinates, as well as new equipment search criteria and possibilities of additional changes. With these add-ons, iCRM™ becomes a richer tool to improve the management of your clients and the performance of your sales teams.

15 janvier 2014

Catégorie : Presse

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